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Countless inventions, improvements and innovations have led to our digitally dominated world in which many goods, services and communications are on offer to us with minimal effort.

As the 20th century drew to a close, a group of senior managers and management professionals in the UK grew concerned that many of the techniques which had contributed to this progress were in danger of being overlooked. They decided that the best way to preserve and proprogate this knowledge would be through a website which was initially prototyped with articles on:
Activity Sampling, Critical Examination, Gantt Charts, Job Evaluation, Organisation and Methods, Process Benchmarking, Process Mapping, Project Management, Sampling Theory, Scientific Management and Standard Deviation.

After two workshops to generate additional content the website (with around 40 articles) was externally launched in 2001 using the name Managers-Net. The Managers-Net Archive has now grown to over 150 articles on Management themes. The articles are written by experienced executives, managers and management support professionals and are freely available. Hopefully you will find them useful introductions to subjects that could tansform the way you work.

The success of the site in terms of its adjudged ‘usefulness’ to site enquiries, has been via a bespoke monthly performance review regime, which was based on the period in question analysis of site enquiries, their target topic and their position in the wider consideration of the most popular topics; this approach enabled the site management to concentrate on those topics deemed to be most helpful to its audience, which in turn led to the promulgation of a number of biographies relating to the work of the pioneers of scientific management – essentially the ‘stock in trade’ material of the site.

Over the time of the site being in the public domain, over 3.5 million public interrogations have taken place and approaching half a million of these have been demonstrated to be in the quartile of popularity; additionally, the site authors have responded personally to specific enquiries from researchers and students alike worldwide, seeking guidance on matters relating to personal and business performance and profitability or matters associated with their professional qualifications.

Hopefully you will find them useful introductions to subjects that could transform the way you work.

The Managers-Net Archive is growing, so be sure to revisit us from time to time to see our latest additions.

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Topics covered include:

If you need more information than is given in the summaries, there are also links to publications, courses and other websites. If you can't find the article you want or disagree with some of our existing content, please let us know via our contacts.

Currently we are trying to add to our content in the accounting and marketing fields. If you would like to contribute an article on these or other topics, please get in touch. We are also always looking for additions to our editorial board. Our restricted access members section allows board members to monitor, co-ordinate and develop the Managers-Net Archive.

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