Programme Management

What is it?

Closely allied to Project Management, Programme Management is defined by the Government Centre for Information Systems as the co-ordinated management of a portfolio of projects in order to achieve a set of business objectives.

How can it be used?

Programme Management can be used in organisations in a number of ways, which will include the following:

Programme Management includes the process of managing benefits from their initial identification and definition through to the eventual realisation and achievement of measurable improvements. The driver for a programme management programme is normally the ongoing viability and relevance of the programme's business case and the justification of benefit against costs.

The information that will be obtained is normally analysed in a Programme Support Office that will enable the Programme Manager to:

Advantages & Disadvantages

The major benefits of Programme Management when applied in a multiple project environment are:

Probably the main disadvantage of Programme Management is that it could become too bureaucratic and impose too many constraints on the project process. Rather than assisting the process it could be seen as merely placing a series of hurdles in the way of effective change and associated project management.

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