What is it ?

Metaplanning is a technique that can be used to generate ideas for process and business improvement. In a wider context it could be used to generate ideas for almost anything in any situation. It can be seen as a form of structured brainstorming.

How/where is it used ?

It is most valuable when used in a group situation where, for example, an idea or proposition is put to the group. Each member of the group will then give their view on whether they agree or disagree together with reasons.

In another example of its use, the group generate their own ideas - these ideas are collated and clustered. Ideas with more than 1 (or any agreed number) in a cluster are then examined further. In this, way by process of elimination, a solution to a problem can be found that has most user acceptance.

Advantages/disadvantages of its use

It really only works in a group or team situation. However if this is done in the right way and users are involved in this group, then it is possible for users to associate themselves with the idea and their acceptance can be gained from the very birth of an idea.

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