Action Management

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'A report is an action document' - in this context it is possible to develop a business review rationale that looks at an organisation's management processes - how the organisation develops, distils, communicates, stores and retrieves information that is the 'stock in trade' of its business.

Action Management is defined as the management authorisation and review process that ensures that research and development work on received or collected information / material, irrespective of medium, is in line with business needs, has clear aims and is compliant with the law and policy. The discipline is an inherent part of the management process and is most prevalent in Government Agencies in the crime and disorder field, although these organisations are not exclusive users of the discipline.

Those organisations that would most benefit from this discipline are those that have mapped Key Processes to Strategic Risk and have complemented same with a regime of Standard Operating Procedures, the review and updating of which are used to mitigate risk.

Inevitably, this process looks a bit like 'teaching people to suck eggs' - in defence this is a process that sets itself apart in that a best practice regime and 'benchmarking' following induction and adaptation are natural bi-products.

In essence, the 'action management' process is the means by which an organisation controls and directs activity, new and old, for the development of its business knowledge base - the system procedures will allow for the proper cross referencing of source material to actions and subsequent product or service - any such reported procedural review act as a well informed state of progress.

Typical component facets of Action Management:

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